Tamim Academy of West Michigan

The starting point of all growth in life is connection. From the moment a child is born, the connection to family and community is key to their development. These relationships form a base for the child to build upon as they grow.

Our classroom community, known here as our School Family, creates a sense of warmth and family. Because every parent who chooses Tamim is family, we aim to be there for all of our family’s needs inside and outside of school.

We believe that every single child is born to make a unique contribution to the world. As educators, we owe it to the world to ensure our students realize their great potential.

A day at Tamim Academy begins at 9am until 4pm.
We aim to fill each child’s day with endless opportunities of exploration, growth, learning and joy.

Program Highlights



Our hands-on gardening program in the spring will provide the children with the ultimate Yard to Table experience. They tend to the garden, planting and nurturing their seeds until they reap its fruits, fostering a love for nature and land.



Integrating nature exploration at our school provides students with enriching experiences that deepen their connection to the environment. Through activities like hiking and wildlife observation, students develop critical thinking skills and a sense of stewardship towards nature, fostering both intellectual curiosity and emotional well-being.



The children will have opportunities to use a variety of art materials and allow their creativity to flourish as they create beautiful, unique artwork. Engaging in art fosters self-expression and problem-solving skills, promoting emotional well-being and cognitive development.



We offer monthly gymnastics sessions for our students with a professional instructor, providing them with opportunities to develop physical strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and supportive environment. Engaging in gymnastics not only promotes physical fitness but also enhances balance, discipline, and confidence, fostering holistic development in our children.